Two Sport Dominance at LSU

By Kendall Rogers, Yahoo!
Sports Sep 15, 12:48 am EDT

Some say the best college football is played in the South. That’s debatable.

Some say the best college football and college baseball combination is in the South. Unless there’s someone out there that has come up with a divine formula to tell us otherwise, that’s not an opinion. That’s simply fact.

LSU tops our list of colleges with the best baseball and football program combination. The Tigers have won a pair of national titles on the diamond this decade. The football program also has won a pair of title this decade.

Other SEC representatives include Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

Close behind LSU in the pecking order is Texas. The Longhorns played for the national title last season and last won a baseball title in 2005. The football program also won a national title in ’05 and is expected to contend for the title this fall.

Oklahoma has experienced success in both sports and joins Texas on the list.

ACC representatives Miami, Georgia Tech, Florida State and Clemson round out our list.

1. Louisiana State. It doesn’t get better than LSU when it comes to the baseball and football programs. The Tigers won their sixth national title on the diamond with a series win over Texas last season. The football Tigers have won a pair of national titles this decade. The last national title was in ’07. In addition to their success on the field in both sports, the Tigers also have the luxury of playing in Tiger Stadium in football and Alex Box Stadium in baseball. LSU fans also are as loyal as they can come. LSU can take pride in being the best baseball-football college.

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