Get to Know Mikie Mahtook

June 21, 2009

Many of you may not be aware that Mikie Mahtook comes from a family of LSU athletes.  Below are linked two articles:  one profiling his mother who has raised her 3 children since the death of Mikie’s father 15 years ago today and the second on the inspiration Mikie has received from his father’s memory.

Mother’s touch molded Mahtook

Mahtook gains inspiration from the father he lost 15 years ago today

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  1. mary
    September 11, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    In the first article when i read about Wally Sr. telling Mary Ann about how Wally Jr. was the last freshamn to get the SEC Most Valuable Player award I started to cry because that is a special honor to get that award when you are a freshman. And for him to be the first one since Wally Jr. that’s even bigger

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